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Flash Fiction Friday #6


“Bear Necessity”

Inspired by the picture book Oi Dog!, written by Kes and Claire Gray, and illustrated by Jim Field. Here’s my micro-story for the brilliant bear family.

When their kitchen table was lost in the post,

Mr and Mrs Bear had to improvise.

Breakfast on the stairs was surprisingly good,

It had started to feel quite civilised.

Janey’s Flash Fiction Friday: 

Short stories by me, inspired by picture book extras from the books I love.


Picture Book Update: How the Sun Met the Moon


Something special happened this week, a dream of mine came true. My friend, fellow critique grouper and hugely talented author illustrator James Hutchons, surprised me with an illustrated spread inspired by the first picture book text I ever shared with him. I was, and still am, very excited about it. This is the first time I’ve seen one of my stories illustrated.

About a Girl


There once was a girl who lived in her dreams, forgetting the world around her, believing only in make believe. It was never lonely and always fun, but as she grew older she discovered she’d been missing out on the world she’d shunned. Opening her eyes she saw people were all around, she was inspired by them, learned from them, grew strength from their love. The girl’s life is now technicolour and her dreams have become real, she writes about the world around her and how it can make you feel.