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Flash Fiction Friday #3


“The Kevin’s”

buy generic propecia uk Inspired by the picture book The Koala Who Could, written by Rachel Bright and illustrated by Jim Field, here’s my micro-story for the crocodile, or alligator, not sure which one it is!

The Kevin’s were practicing their circus act,

Tomorrow was the big show.

Jaw locked and in the splits all day,

They were stuck in the dark. ‘Oh no!’”

source Janey’s Flash Fiction Friday: Short stories by me, inspired by picture book extras from the books I love.


Flash Fiction Friday #2


“Frightful Freddie”

Inspired by the picture book Little Red Reading Hood, written by Lucy Rowland and illustrated by Ben Mantle, here’s my micro-story for Red’s little dog, or is he a werewolf?

Freddie had a frightful night,

Of strange and spooky dreams.

The next day he felt like howling, and

Had a taste for blood and screams Janey’s Flash Fiction Friday: 

Short stories by me, inspired by picture book extras from the books I love.


Picture Book Update: How the Sun Met the Moon


Something special happened this week, a dream of mine came true. My friend, fellow critique grouper and hugely talented author illustrator James Hutchons, surprised me with an illustrated spread inspired by the first picture book text I ever shared with him. I was, and still am, very excited about it. This is the first time I’ve seen one of my stories illustrated.

Note to Self #1


It’s ok to be in the dark

I went to Letters Live in March, an annual event series to celebrate remarkable letters that deserve to be heard. Benedict Cumberbatch and friends lent their voices. I was aware of the basic concept of the event but nonetheless found myself feeling unnerved without an order of events. At ten minutes in during the first piece of music, yes music, I reprimanded myself at being so boring in always wanting a heads up on proceedings. I relaxed my shoulders and let the show unfold in whatever way it wanted to. By the end I was convinced it was one of the best things I’d been to in a long time. I’d actually relished the unknown and how it made me feel: alive. (more…)