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Janey Robinson

Sausage Dog Stories


I’ve drafted so many versions of my Sausage Dog Stories, all incomplete, but I can’t and won’t shake the concept. At least this little poem remains true to all of the incarnations. In the meantime I think I might just be getting to the heart of what I want these stories to be, watch this space.

Wolfy & B

Wolf and Bear; an inseparable pair.

One smooth haired, one wire haired,

Both short legged, without a care.

Wolf’s called Wolfy, Bear’s called B.

That’s just the way it is,

The way it’s always been.

Two sausage dogs, lots of stories,

Lets begin…

Adventures are glorious!

"Jausé and Willy" by Howard Proctor

“Jausé and Willy” by Howard Proctor, an illustration I discovered that brilliantly depicts how I see Wolfy and B



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