Birthday Hat - Janey Robinson

Janey Robinson

Birthday Hat


Each year it grows

With life and love

Bigger and better

Time travelling above.

Picking up treasure

Along the way

Success, Love


Growing family.

Like a hot air balloon

With fire at its core

Each year

It grows lighter

Weightless as it soars.

It floats up, up, up, until

Once a year

It comes to rest

On big wise ears.

Puffing out its chest

It tips it’s wide, full rim

Jingling and jangling

Winking with a grin.

Joining you with

Icre-cream cake and tea

Sports on demand

A crisp G&T.

Happy Birthday Pops

May your Birthday Hat

Bring you fun,

For tomorrow the

Treasure hunt continues

Like it’s only just begun.

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